Akal Spring Ltd. has emerged as a front runner in the Indian auto component industry. The company is today an industry leader manufacturing high quality laminated leaf springs for a diverse range of vehicular applications. Akal Spring Ltd. is a leader for the manufacturing and supply of automotive leaf springs and assemblies to leading OEM, defence sector and state transport undertakings.

A formidable nexus of state-of-the-art technology, a highly professional and skilled team, fuelled by a vision to lead, has extended the marketing horizons of Akal Springs.The company's products have been acclaimed internationally and readily accepted in the demanding markets of Europe & South East Asia.

The company possesses a high technology core, one that continuously assimilates the very latest in product development and manufacturing technology. Converyorised systems, an assemblage of state-of-the-art SPM's and a unique process of manufacturing, together constitute a configuration which is regarded as one of the best in the industry. At Akal Springs, technological leadership is an all pervasive organisational objective.

The company's pre-heat treatment facilty supports various operations like :-

  • Mechanical Eye-Rolling
  • Hydraulic Eye-Rolling
  • Wrapper-Rolling
  • Taper-Rolling
  • Long V Cutting
  • Side Hole And Punching
  • Center Hole Counter
  • Hook And Z Bending
  • PID Operated
  • Temperature Controller
  • Double Discharge

The company has most modern and advanced heat treatment facilities which include:-

  • Walking Beam Furnance (Hardening)
  • Cambering Machine
  • Tempering Furnance

Walking Beam Furnance

  • Calibrated with Travelling Thermometer
  • Hydraulically Operated System
  • Side Discharge
  • Automatic Temperature controller installed
  • Auto Cut off with Siren
  • SCADA Control

Cambering Machine

  • Eight Station Drum type, Hydraulically operated.
  • Quenching oil tank containing 30,000 Liters of oil, fitted with a conveyor
  • Alfa Laval make plate type two heat exchanger with cooling tower with 5000TR capacity.
  • Pneumatic Clutch Operated.

Tempering Furnace

  • Two automatic Tempering furnaces
  • PLC and SCADA controlled
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Converyorised and controlled by AC Drive
  • Display monitoring in control room
  • Auto cut-off with siren and light signal

The company has INDABRATOR made shot peening machine. Hardened Steel Shots/Cut wire shots are used, giving required intensity and coverage of peening with automatic discard of rejected shots.

For manufacturing diverse range of leaf spring assemblies from 2kg to 300 kg per assembly weight, the company has two dedicated lines for assembly fitting.

  • Two Hydraulic Operated Riveting Machine Load Capacity - 80 ton
  • Two Hydraulic Operated Assembly Fitting Machines Capacity - 120 ton
  • Two Hydraulic Operated Scragging And Deflection Inspection Capacity - 150 ton
  • Double Line Assembly Parameter Inspection

The company has two Painting booths with overhead conveyorised system. Both loose leafs and assemblies are painted on Conveyor. The company has "THERMAX" made paint baking oven.

The company has its own full fledged tool room. All tools and dies required for the effective plant running are made in house. It is also responsible for maintenance of the plant machinery and equipment. All new developments and overall facility management is an intergral role of the department.

The plant layout and facility consist of large array of machines and equipment to support production and ensure smooth operations. Such infrastructure includes:-

  • Power Backup - D.G. Set 437.5 kWA
  • Screw Type Air-Compressor Model-K22/7.5 Capacity - 70 CFM
  • Reciprocating Ingersoll Capacity - 65 CFM
  • Two Cooling Towers, Capacity - 5,000 TR
  • Fork Lifts
  • Over-Head Crane
  • Manual Hand-Lifter
  • Weigh-Bridge