Akal Spring Ltd. has amerged as a front runner in the Indian auto component industry. The company is today an industry leader manufacturing high quality laminated leaf springs for a deverse range of vahicular applications. Akal Spring Ltd. is a leader for the manufacturing and supply of automotive leaf springs and assemblies to leading OEM, defence sector and state transport undertakings.

A formidable nexus of state-of-the-art technology, a highly professional and skilled team, fuelled by a vision to lead, has extended the marketing horizons of Akal Springs.The company's products have been acclaimed internationally and readily accepted in the demanding markets of Europe & South East Asia.

The company has a high technology core. One that continuously assimilates the very latest in products development and manufacturing technology. Converyorised systems, an assemblage of state-of-the-art SPM's and a unique process of manufacture, together constitute a manufacturing configuration which is one of the best in the industry. At Akal Springs Technological leadership is an all pervasive organisational objective.

Quality at Akal Spring is a religion. A process of continual refinement, of creative enrichment. It is this orientation that has been the motive force in building an organisation that is honed to deliver product of unsurpassed quality. Product that embody the very essence of perfection and that rise to meet emerging demands place by diverse applications.

All dreams need a solid mooring in day-to-day reality. The company's fierce commitment to continuously upgrade product quality within a Total Quality framework, finds anchorage in the constant search for better alternatives and more effective ways of doing things. No improvement is too small, no problem too large: And it is this ethic of an organization willing to learn that has spurred the company into growing from strength to strength.
The Hot Eye Rolling operation of the main leaf is carried out on STATE OF THE ART hydraulic eye rolling machine.
This machine does the eye rolling within the desired tolerances and with superb eye round shape.
The capacity of the machine is to roll strip of the following size-width 120mm max, thickness-20mm max.
The company has most modern in advanced heat treatment facilities which include
  • Walking Beam Furnance (Hardening)
  • Cambering Machine
  • Tempering Furnance

Walking Beam Furnance

Cambering Machine

Tempering Furnace
  • Calibrated with Travelling Thermometer
  • 30 Feet long
  • 75 Inches Chamber width
  • Hydraulic Walking Beam
  • Continuous Operation
  • Side Discharge
  • Automatic Temperature controller installed
  • Auto Cut off with Siren
  • Eight Station Drum type, Hydraulically operated.
  • Quenching oil tank containing 30,000 Liters of oil, fitted with a conveyor
  • Alfa Laval make, plate type heat exchanger with cooling tower for cooling the quenching oil.
  • Conveyorized
  • Double Decker
  • Air Tempering with automatic temperature controller with autoshut and siren
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